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A True Multimedia Experience

A wedding guest watches a live slideshow playing on the monitor, while guests inside Fotopod Booth are getting their pictures taken. To the back right, guests are busy receiving photo prints, and some are signing using our scrapbooking service.


We do events and parties for clients who want a professional and unique service, but with a fun and positive attitude! We usually show up at once in a lifetime events like weddings, sweet 16’s, Quinceañeras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to trade shows and corporate events. Fotopod Booth customizes all events to each particular clients taste, and we refuse to give up until our clients are 100% happy with our services.
We take photo quality and design seriously, and strive to create the best user-friendly product and technology in the industry.

Yes. It is made from PVC-coated oxford cloth, is waterproof, flame retardant, tear and stain resistant.

It’s supported by an internal metal structure.

As you know, the old school photo booths can only fit 2 to 3 people. Ours can fit anywhere from 12 to 14 guests easily!

Here is an outrageous pic of 19.5 guests having a blast!

The measurements of the booth are 7 feet wide by 8 feet high; so guests can jump for joy, if they want to.

Our Fotopod Booth machine can also rotate 180° to shoot even more people.

Therefore, gathering the whole wedding party, for example, for one ultimate photo is no problem!

Absolutely, since we believe that all guests and participants should be included in the celebration of your event.

So, when we designed our Fotopod Booth, we took into consideration that it should also be wheelchair accessible.

One monitor (touchscreen) is used for the participants to control and view while inside our Fotopod Booth and the outside monitor (live-view) is a mirror feed display of what’s also happening on the inside.

The live-view monitor can also go into screen-saver mode and is capable of showing a slideshow of the most current photos.

Did you know Fotopod offers both?!

Since today’s trend seems to be open-style photo booths, we asked ourselves why should we even bother with an enclosed or semi-enclosed photo booth. Well, we quickly learned from our experiences that enclosed and semi-enclosed types of photo booths offered participants a sense of self-disclosure, personal intimacy, and private freedom. Simply stated, the guests tend to “let loose” in these types of photo booths.

So, we took this into account and incorporated this concept into the design of our Fotopod “enclosed” Booth. Our design serves two purposes. First, it creates a visual barrier partially hiding the participants from the audience. Second, this visual barrier increases the chances of guests engaging in ridiculous poses or hilarious facial expressions without the perceived social embarrassment. But alas, wait until they see the photos! It’s the end results that really count!

We are a full service photo booth provider. We have the capability to setup a scrapbook; make CD/DVD copies; upgrade prints to a 4-inch by 6-inch; transfer prints onto canvas posters; print sleeves or add another iPad kiosk.

We are all about capturing your special moments and we can be there to help you during that time.

Listed below are some ideal events you may wish to celebrate using our Fotopod Booth:
• Anniversaries
• Christmas/New Year’s Eve Parties
• Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
• Corporate Events
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
• Costume Parties (Halloween, Mardi- Gras, etc.)
• Birthdays
• Family reunions
• Block/Street Parties
• Graduations/Reunions/Dances
• (High School, College, etc.)
• Cast/Wrap Parties
• Political Parties
• Quinceañera
• Red Carpet/Celebrity Events
• Weddings
• High School Proms
• Sweet 16
• Trade Shows


We are the original inflatable photo booth company! Look around online and you will see that there are many knockoffs popping up on ebay, and in China. We are constantly getting oversea vendors stealing our ideas and images, and pawning it off as their own product. To put it warmly, it’s a very competitive world out there, where global information is just a click away. We are doing our best to protect our own intellectual property, and we truly thank you for your understanding and support! We hold a patent-pending design on our inflatable booth system, and we highly discourage going down the China or ebay path since it will basically cost you time and money in the long run. For example, we always hear about customs/duty fee horror stories, shady bank or money transfers, sub-par quality, time-zone mayhem, lost in translation communication, impossible returns, etc.
In the end, clients and owners buy into our technology because we are here to support your business! We want to give you a cutting-edge product that is customized for your own needs. We have no problems supporting you, and answering any of your questions 24/7. We offer the best live and virtual support, with no franchise or licensing fees attached. It’s also reassurance to know we are domestic, and parts and supplies can be shipped over to you within the next working business day.

Our inventory is currently 110v systems, but we can outfit the Fotopod
models to fit your UK 220v outlets no problem.
We ask roughly from 1-3weeks to ship to your location.

Our patent-pending inflatable enclosure design only takes about 2 min
to inflate and deflate. We have battle-tested our booths in all our current
photo booth events without a hitch. Did you know our very first event-ready inflatable
booth was built almost 2yrs ago and it’s still up and running with no issues!
Now that is a huge return on investment!

We believe in safety first, and our product and materials is of the highest-quality
and backed with a 90 day parts and labour warranty!
Our dynamic wifi-LED lighting system is also backed by a 2yrs parts
and labour warranty as well!

However, what makes our system different from all the cheap knock offs on
the internet is that Fotopod is built from the ground up to be used in a
photographic environment. Basically everything works and fits together
seamlessly…meaning the materials, internal wiring, blower,
and dynamic LED lighting system all work together to give you a
clean, sturdy, and professional setup.
The whole enclosure booth setup, including the side LED lights and aluminum internal
pole structures, fit into a 52″x12″x12″ traveling road case on wheels!
(Also included in the full price package)

The other road case shipped will be the latest Fotopod machine v2.05,
and will come complete with a HUGE 24″ high-brightness, sunlight
capable touchscreen monitor, and all the necessary lighting (professional
F&V ring light and body panel lighting) and fanless
intel i3, 8GB ram, 128 GB SSD mini-pc computer with 6 USB ports built in!

All you need to get started is a DSLR camera, and printer!
It will come preloaded with trial versions of Darkroom Booth(Photo Booth software)
and PicPic Social (Social media uploading software). We can also support this software
if you do choose to go with it.

Since you already own your photo booth company, there really is no learning
curve. Actually, everything from setup, to functionality to breakdown will be easier
and faster. We can also supply you with a few non-branded Fotopod booth photos
that you can add to your website so you can start “wowing” your clients and start
getting increased bookings right away.

You can still use your existing printer and DSLR cameras with our setup.
Video is definitely supported with our Fotopod system. By using the continuous
lighting paradigm, photos and video can now concurrently use the same lighting
setup! No need pull out your studio strobes or mess with external flash settings.

We sell the Photo kiosk machine on it’s own, OR you can buy the whole setup including our patent-pending inflatable enclosure system, with our dynamic LED lighting technology built in! These are not your average Christmas tree LED light-strips, but completely customized, high-luminance, water-proof, shatter-proof lighting bars that have the proper light-angle, and RGB transmitting properties to work with our inflatable booth system. The actual inflatable material is also custom-designed for proper light transmission, durability, ease of setup, and transport. Without getting into too much technical detail, the knockoffs just send you something suitable for bounce-houses, and not for proper photo booth light-box photography. (But feel free to call us, and we can tell you the difference 🙂

This is basically a turn-key system, and comes with its own special road case that will hold all the equipment needed to transport, setup up quickly and take-down. All the wiring and power supply is built in…so all you need to do is plug it in, and away you go. For the owners that are starting from scratch, and want a super-duper turn-key system, we can definitely work on getting everything you need to run your photo booth business from the ground up.

Feel free to call us with questions. We can answer any technical or business questions or concerns you have. We have been using our inflatable booth system at many high-end events without a single hitch, so we know what works. We can’t wait to help you bring your business to another level!

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